book club

book club (f.k.a trio whispered) is an avant-folk trio of vocalists/improvisers Annika Moses, Be Gosper and Shanae Campbell. Their music constructs and deconstructs folk harmonies and approaches, integrating extended vocal techniques, found text, spoken word, assorted instruments and improvisation. 

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20/20 at The Rosemount (2018)

Sounds of Mulga; music, camping, country, Paynes Find (2018)

Double Cassingle Launch; SI002 Yikes! / SI003 Alexander Turner, 459 Bar (2018)

WAMfest Experimental Music Showcase (2017)

iMprov #13 at 459 Bar (2017)

Sound Spectrum Redux, Sound Spectrum 2017.2, WAAPA

Photo by Laura Strobech