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KAN collective


KAN Collective is the collaboration between emerging interdisciplinary artists, Kate Thresher, Noemie Huttner-Koros, and myself. We work to create spaces where play and transgression are encouraged in performances that move away from traditional theatre making. Following from our debut work House of Joys, premiered in FRINGEWORLD 2018 in Paper Mountain’s Peaks program, KAN continues to encourage an approach to art-making that rejects traditional formats, power structures and artist roles, striving to create inclusive work that empowers audiences to respond to art as they experience it. The group’s practice involves performance, video, sound and composition, tactile visual art and projection, and interrogates traditional arts practices and cultural and social norms through participatory processes. We strive to increase fem/LGBT+/racially diverse representation in theatre and create a welcoming community for these people (as participants, collaborators, theatre makers, audiences).

To hear about future projects or get in touch, find KAN collective on Facebook, or email <>


Fruits of Failure installation, State Library of WA (2019) 

Fruits of Failure, Kickstart Festival Day (2019)

Immersive theatre workshop, Kickstart Festival (2018)

Immersive theatre workshop, Snowy Peaks (2018)

House of Joys, FRINGEWORLD 2018

Fruits of Failure at KickstART Festival 2019

HouseOfJoys2018_ZalKP (95 of 97).jpg
HouseOfJoys2018_ZalKP (65 of 97).jpg
HouseOfJoys2018_ZalKP (21 of 97).jpg

House of Joys at FRINGEWORLD 2018. Photos by Zal Kanga-Parabia

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