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Nika Mo (alt-folk)


two demos raising money for Islamic Relief Australia's Palestine Emergency Appeal. Head over to the bandcamp page here to purchase and/or access resources and other ways to support Palestinians in the face of genocide. 


The project kicked off in 2018 with the mess head EP release and a debut live performance at Fairbridge Festival. 


In 2021 Nika Mo’s trajectory took a tangential swerve, mundane Perth-poeticisms giving way to theatrical freak-folk with the release of an ambitious debut concept-album Of Cloven Hoof in HoneyThe album was RTRFM's local feature album and was praised as 'boundlessly creative, vividly imagined, and richly detailed,' (Daniel Morey, Isolated Nation). Read an album launch review from Tiffany Ha here, and the rest of Daniel Morey's album review here.


The Coffee Dreams EP dropped as a 2022 EOFY offering, coming through on a late-night bargain struck with collaborator Lyndon Blue, whose EP Treehugger is well worth the listen, and available for purchase here


We sometimes play as a 5 piece band with some of Perth's finest and cutest: Tom Beech (bass), Oscar Van Gass (drums), Cecilia Brandolini (viola and vocals) and Brooke Travaglini (violin and vocals). And sometimes play as a collection of experimental improvisers feigning as a folk band: Jameson Feakes (guitar, mandolin), Josten Myburgh (drums), Bowen Gosper (vocals, recorder), Shanae Campbell (vocals, recorder), Dan O'Connor (trumpet, percussion), Lyndon Blue (violin, vocals), Djuna Lee (double bass). 

You can grab more info, upcoming gig dates and news by following Nika Mo on Facebook, Instagram (@nikamomusic), and Bandcamp.

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